My Bio

I have always had an artistic ‘streak’ since discovering my talent at school, but after leaving school I somehow fell into the oil and gas industry, as well as becoming a mother, and so my art has laid dormant… until now!

My husband never knew about my art until we were moving house in 2012, when he stumbled upon an old sketch book of mine.  Since then he has encouraged and supported me every step of the way.

In the past year I have experimented with various mediums and enjoy working with each one; I love oils for their texture and forgivingness, I love acrylics for their vibrancy and versatility, and I love watercolours and inks for their unexpected flow of colour, as well as allowing me to quickly get my ideas down on paper.

My inspiration for my work has come from my sunny surroundings in Dubai, other artists and beautiful photography, and with every painting my passion for art is increasing.

You can also follow my art on my facebook page which documents my work throughout 2013.

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